Walking through the valley of the shadow of death

Today I find myself dwelling once more on that precipice, watching a loved one slowly die.  My maternal grandmother, Marian Krumich, has been anxiously awaiting this day!  Her breaths are ragged and she no longer awakes and though the tears are many, the joy is profound!

We have filled these days of waiting singing hymns and family lullabies, playing flute music, and lots of talking of love and peace.

I have lived a blessed life.  I grew up with my Krumich grandparents just a short walk through the woods.  Idyllic really. In elementary school, I would walk to their house, enjoy a peppermint and perhaps a little morning news or Swiss language lesson before walking down their driveway to catch the bus...knowing my grandparents were keeping a close eye on me through their binoculars until the bus arrived.

I will honor and sustain her memory through sharing the stories of her life, continuing telling the dirty jokes so enjoyed by this upstanding church lady, and the music of the family with my kids who have so enjoyed having a close relationship with their Gigi.