Happy Halloween from the cast of Inside Out!

Three cheers to my family for fulfilling my Halloween dreams this year!  Introducing...

If you didn't catch the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out, at the theatre this summer, you're probably a bit confused, but as soon as it comes out of DVD, I suggest you HIGHTAIL it to the video store to watch it!  All ages will love this movie and as an elementary school counselor, I LOVE the way this movie explains how our emotions effect our lives...and are all important and necessary :)

Now scroll down to see how my Inside Out dolls morphed into human form!  Oh, what a little Halloween magic can do...

p.s. Disgust is the "fancy" one who simply MUST be stylish.  Fear is the dorky one, cough cough.  Joys is...well, joyful (and just possibly twirled and leapt throughout an entire day at school in this costume.  Sadness is 100% sad in this photo as she just woke up from a nap and cried her way through the photo shoot :)

Happy Halloween!  May your days be full of joyful trickery and more than a few peanut butter cups!

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  1. You guys def. had the best halloween costumes!!! So spot on! You should've gone to a costume contest or something to show them off :)


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