9th Anniversary: Lumberjack and Amish fantasies

Today I have been married to this weirdo for the past nine years of my life.

 Above: Typical Julie face.  She looks like she stepped in poop or sharted.

 Left: Taken during an adventure in the Wind River Range of Wyoming during year two.

Julie has been with her mom in Germany visiting her sis, bro-in-law, and niece Annie. I do miss that kid.

The girls and I spent some time this week visiting with family in Westmoreland county.

 Above left: Gamma Baird and Hazel  

Above: Granmpa Baird and Heidi

Left: Aunt Lou

Below: Pappy and Joey hang out while we make dams and bathtubs  at Loyalhanna Creek/Sleepy Hollow causeway. The girls learned how to freeze a salamander on the ice in our lunch cooler and re-animate it again in the water.

 Ligonier Beach with my step-bro's daughter Kenzley. 

 During the last week I have received a half dozen or so images from Julie.  

She sent me a picture of all this long meat and tells me that she is thinking of our friend Ty.  

Then I think I got these same two images on the next day: fried chicken feet and a picture of my wife kissing Christoph while they drink alcohol.  A few weeks ago Julie approached me in the yard while I was hard at work lumberjacking.  She oohed and ahhed and told me that I looked sexy. I thought that maybe it was because I was sweaty and covered in sawdust and perhaps fulfilling some part of that Amish fantasy she has.  (Ask her about that one.) However, I told her, "I know why I look sexy."  She yelled, "No.!!!!!" as she proceeded to attempt hitting me as I doubled over in a laughing fit of joyous mirth that men only experience when they amuse themselves and no one else.  My wife and I know each other so well that without stating it directly she knew I was referring to Christoph's penchant for cutoff sleeveless shirts and being sweaty (sexy) in general.  I told her it was ok to be turned on by him and that I think he is sexy too. She still won't admit it.  

When I got home yesterday evening I put on my lumberjack suit and had our babysitter take these steamy pics of me.  She was amused for sure. Here is the Jake meat you are missing Julie. See you in two days.