Hazel's SIXTH Birthday:: Art Party!

Oh my, our sweet Hazel turned SIX this week!  Though this blog has turned into a big events only blog, I hope it's still apparent how in love we are with this creature!  She is sweet and creative, loves friends, but often prefers to simply craft on her own.  As mentioned earlier, she had a really nice preK class, so we invited them ALL for her birthday party!  Yes, I broke my "invite as many as your age" rule, but just by a smidge ;)

Hazel started the morning by opening a few small gifts (Hello Kitty Pez tin from me and daddy & Uncle Josh's Transformers collection) and having her ideal breakfast of donuts and OJ.  Then she ran upstairs to get dressed.  She came down wearing her "birthday" dress!!!  The dress Grandma Kosker bought for her FIRST BIRTHDAY!  I LOVE that she thought of this on her own...and it's a pretty adorable tee!

Oh my goodness, look at those chubby knees...  I'm ready to snuggle my computer screen.  SHUT UP OVARIES!

I made the invitation using PicMonkey and used wording from similar invitations that I found online.

I planned a preschool friendly and EASY PREP menu of:  hamburgers ("art of burgers" with ketchup and mustard served in a dish with paintbrushes to paint your bun), veggies chips ("paint chips"), Juice boxes and mango juice ("creative juices"), fruit kabobs ("rainbow wands", both girls could help make these and loved that!), Italian Ice Pops ("frozen water colors"), and cake pops ("paint splatter pops").  It completely cracks my husband up that I made labels when none of the guests could read.  I do it for myself and it made me SO HAPPY!

Keeping in mind that kids love to simply have FREE PLAY TIME, I tried to control myself with all the great ideas for art themed parties that I found online!  Our organized activities were:

  • Splatter painting/ leaf prints
  • Colored bubble prints
  • Paint-filled egg throwing (at a drawing of Hazel!)
  • Color run war
  • Face painting (good ole MFA Uncle Josh took that station)
  • and my favorite...HAZEL MADE HER OWN PINATA!  She mentioned buying one, which I dismissed.  Well, I guess it meant a lot to her, so using an empty Frozen kleenex box and random junk from her art drawer, she made her own!  It was her favorite part of the party!
  • also, we planned to do a water balloon pinata & water balloon fight, but the weather was uncharacteristically COLD so we cancelled that idea!

For gifts, Hazel got everything she wished for!  I wrote on facebook last night that one of the best and most fleeting parts of childhood is that you can get everything on your wishlist.  Granted, I'm disregarding her dreams of riding in an airplane, going to Disney World, and going to Germany...she knows those are unreasonable and so aren't "real" wishes.  This year she asked me for: a brown skinned American Girl doll with matching clothes so they can be twins; a new bicycle; art supplies; and a fashion designer template (that her friend Maddy had at Lutherlyn last week).

Heidi's facial expressions are the best part of this collage!

We got her a brown skinned doll (thankfully she doesn't read and doesn't know that it's from Target, but I THINK the "American Girl" request is more about having a realistic girl looking doll to play with than the brand, if not...sorry future Hazel, you're in for some major disappointments!) and matching outfit.  Heidi gave her a horse riding outfit for her new doll!  Llama (Grandma Orris) gave her A BEAUTIFUL NEW BIKE, Gma Baird got her the fashion designer toy; and everyone else gave her awesome ART SUPPLIES!  It was a very successful gift opening where she truly adored every.single.item!

Now, before I wrap up this post, I must confess one memorable experience from the day.... when the kids all arrived, Hazel immediately took them into the garden to pick berries and RUN.  I thought it was great.  Until they started SCREAMING... Yup, the kids ran smack into a YELLOW JACKET nest and 3 of them got stung!  My kids have never been stung, but Murphy's Law dictates that the first kids to be stung on the property would be party guests.  The kids were major troopers and nurse Jake helped smooth their tears with some predinner ice pops!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day:
  • Simple decorations with the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner made many years ago by my sister and I had grabbed lots of pink paint chip cards from the hardware store recently and sewed them together into a simple banner.
  • Llama gave Hazel clues to find her birthday present!  Spoiler alert:  the bike was in the shed.
  • Heidi wanted Uncle Josh to paint her like a tiger.  He's a perfectionist and began to research pictures of tigers.  So, she took it upon herself to make herself painted.  I love her to the ends of the earth. 
  • Hazel snuggling with her twin:  a brown skinned doll.
  • Hazel with rainbow hair during the color run war.
  • Hazel blowing out her candle (3 cheers for Jake who grabs the camera every now and then so that I exist in our picture history).
  • Kids exploring the garden...BEFORE the evil yellow jacket catastrophe.
So that wraps up a fantastic day celebrating the beautiful life of Hazel.  When she grows up she wants to be
 a singer or work at the North Pole!

We are so blessed to be on this journey with her! 


  1. Great re-cap. Looks like a great party! Lucky girl to have such a loving set of parents, grandmas and a super uncle!

  2. This looks like it was so much fun! We should start celebrating our anniversary with Hazel, like we did the first year ;) You rock at birthday parties. Seriously. Want to plan Ian's? I love her long, curly hair. She's so beautiful and I can't wait to spend time with her later this summer (I hope!).


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