Heidi's Horsin' Around 4th Birthday Party!

For our animal lover's 4th birthday, Heidi chose to have a HORSE theme!  I dare say, this party will go down in history as her all-time favorite.  As you can see, we had REAL HORSES!  A dear friend of mine from work offered to bring some horses over and let the kids ride!?!?!  Talk about generous!  Horse owners forget what a HUGE deal it is to non-horse owners to get to see, touch and ride a horse!  I dare say, I was itching to take a horse on a trail ride during the entire party... ride off into the sunset and let someone else clean-up the wrapping paper explosion ;)

Since I try to stick to only inviting the number of kids as her age, we kept the guest list pretty small and invited 3 families over for the party.  Her birthday party was on Easter eve, so it was a one BUSY weekend...but so full of fun!

By now, y'all probably know how much I LOVE throwing birthday parties for my girls!  (Frozen Party, Penguin Party, Goodnight Moon Party, She's a Peach Party, Adult Birthday Square Dance, Look Whoo's One Cake, Rainbow Fish Cake, Angelina Ballerina Party)

I TRIED to keep this party really simple with easy foods and the focus on the horse rides!  I made my favorite Thrive chili the day before and let it heat all day in a crockpot.  My mom made cowboy caviar (chips and dip).  I made rice crispie treat hay bales and super easy horse cupcakes.  We also served hot dogs and carrots w/ranch.  I bought a colorful assortment of bandannas from Oriental Trading for each kid to wear and to use as decorations.  I also bought a cute horse craft from OT.  The girls helped me round up our ENORMOUS collection of horse toys and we decorated with those.  Hazel was excellent at this task (note the My Little Ponies everywhere).

Head to my Pinterest board for more ideas and/or tutorials.

Of course, the kids had NO interest in eating and wanted to stay out with the horses for the entire party :)  Fortunately, it was a {rare} sunny day!

Once we wrangled the kids back inside, they made their horse handprint crafts, ate yummy foods, sang Happy Birthday, opened presents...and then somehow (in what might be the most stereotypical Kosker thing ever)... everyone ended up at the zipline!

*Michelle, since you were nice enough to bring the horses, I'll be nice enough not to post a pic of you ziplining :)

All in all, it was such a wonderful time!  I'm thankful that some of my favorite people have kids that have become some of Heidi's favorite people.  It makes for very pleasant gatherings :)

I'd say Heidi felt incredibly special and well loved this birthday!  I certainly feel blessed to have the privilege of being her mama!


  1. Special party for a special girl! Happy Birthday, Heidi!

  2. Awww, your daughter is just adorable and so are her birthday celebrations. Who was your party planner? Everything look so perfect here, I also want to throw a similar birthday bash for my little cute son. Please share your planning tips as well. Thanks in advance for your help.


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