Teamwork always works!

Last week's blog post made at least 2 people very happy :)  Aunt Lou enjoyed feasting her eyes on her grand nieces and my sister felt less alone in the blogging world (most of the bloggers we've read over the years have stopped blogging).  

I got my replacement charger for my camera and it was soooo fun to finally upload pics and look at them.  Almost like the "good ole days" when you would find a roll of film, not remembering when you took the photos, drop it in the box at the store and then eagerly await 5 days until you could pick it up and see the pictures!  

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.  While I ebb and flow with taking the pictures, I'm thankful for each shot.  Each picture brings back the sounds, smells and memories of the moments.

This is my favorite picture from Christmas:

Can't you almost feel the crisp December air and hear their sweet, high-pitched voices (one of whom has an adorable German accent!)?

My niece, Annie, was visiting from Germany and the three girls immediately loved each other (it had been 1.5 years since they had physically seen each other- that's quite a lot in kid time!).  Cousins share such a precious bond, so much stronger than friendship. Annie is as tall as Hazel, but is actually 14 months younger while she only 6 months older than Heidi.  Having them together is pure perfection.

They play all together or break apart, forming and reforming.  This Christmas, Annie and Hazel were more often found playing together, but the love and affection they have for each other helps to smooth over those moments when Heidi felt left out or one of them needed alone time.

In this shot, they were doing their favorite cheer:  "Teamwork always works, teamwork always works, teamwork always works, TEAMWORK ALWAYS WORKS!".  I believe they saw it on a TV show, but I don't know which one.  We would hear them doing this cheer ALL.THE.TIME!  In the bath, when playing, when cleaning up toys, etc.  Soooo cute...and true :)

Scrolling through the photos reminds me of how important teamwork is to raising a family.  Weekly, no DAILY, I rely on my mother, my church friends and so many others to help me with the girls!  While I have the ultimate teammate in Jake, as I shared last week, he's a tad busy these days with work, school and running.  I'm thankful for the moments he chisels out in his days to be with us, but I also spend a lot of time dreaming about our future time together!

Whether it's babysitting, venting, consulting, laughing, crying, etc.  It truly takes a village to raise these sweet sweet girls!  Thank you for being a part of my village!


  1. This reminds me, yet again, how blessed I am! I love these three. (Today at church, Heidi told me that she named her baby doll "Llama"!)

  2. That's a cute picture. I hope that you share more photos from Christmas- I didn't take many and I want to update our gallery wall. :-) Glad to see you back in the blogging world, as you predicted!


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