Hello out there! Quick update from this quartet.

Hi friends!  I've been itching to visit my blog and share with you.  Literally, my fingers twitch and my brain comes up with witty, delightful things to say.  Then I sigh and realize that my husband is doing school work on the computer and my camera charger is missing which means I can't share photos (or actually TAKE photos).

However, I desperately want to check in, especially for our Aunt Lou and Grandma Baird who only get updates through this blog :)

ME:  I'm good!  In general, I am feeling more happy and joyful than I have in years.  A long time ago, I asked you to pray for that for me and so now I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I completed the Advocare 24-day challenge and now continue to maintain the eating plan 50-75% of the time.  I've lost over 15 pounds and feel overall healthier!  Unfortunately, I've had to come to terms with the fact that dairy is not my friend.  Doing a whole cleanse really got me in tune with how different foods affect my body!  Odd how I never noticed before, but I am the same person who didn't realize that I have SEVERE allergies until the Doctor told me  (for example, intense headaches every time I visited a house with an indoor dog and NEVER picked up on the correlation!).

As you can see in this snapshot I took of myself with my phone yesterday, I'm GOING GRAY!  That patch at my part is the most gray and I'm hoping it turns bright white or sparkling silver SOON!  While I am always aghast at the saloon when I see all the GLITTER falling from my head on to my black cape, I also LOVE it!  I think perhaps it's because I grew up in an age where Grandmas had unnatural hair colors and my father told women, straight to their adoring faces, that they "were too old to have hair that color".  I also know some BEAUTIFUL women that went grey at a young age and my admiration of them must have spilled over to include their grace in ageing (shout outs to Leslie Boehmer and Aunt Amy Krumich!).  I simply am not ashamed of my age or hair color!  I think it's easier for a dirty blond to go gradually grey because it just blends right in.  Slowly, I'm just loosing the saturation of color.  

Recently I checked in with a few 2nd grade girls to see what my actual hair color is (if you ever need to hear the truth, ask a kid!).  They replied that I'm a dirty blond... HA... if they only knew ;)  So, I'm not quite grey yet, but well on my way and loving it!

JAKE:  He is in his LAST semester of his Bachelor of Nursing program!  This will be his second Bachelors degree and we are SO proud of him!  He balances full-time work, difficult classes, keeping this house warm, being a father and literally running in every snow storm.  

Recently he was sick for quite awhile and I began to wonder if mono was back.  Turns out, the cold medicine he was taking was making him GOOFY and exhausted.  So glad we figured that one out!  

Now he is back to running, playing with the kids and being a sweet husband.  

(I just discovered that I have not taken any pics of Jake with my phone for a LONG time!)

GIRLS:  I have so much to say and plan to write a post on each of them later in the week. 

Suffice to say that these two are GROWING like weeds and BLOSSOMING like flowers.  My heart literally bursts with love multiple times a day!  

Hazel is now nicknamed, our "little theologian".  She attends a christian Preschool and it's been an amazing year for her!  Her compassion and empathy are her strongest personality traits.  But it's the theology discussions and questions that I never expected from a 5 1/2 year old.  Granted, she's told me that I'm wrong once or twice, but the black & white teachings of her school are age appropriate and lead to some awesome discussions about faith.  Perhaps one day she'll turn into a Lutheran theologian and snuggle deep into the grey...

Hazel is also an artist to the nth degree.  Currently she is digging through our recycling bin, building a present for my mom who just returned from HAWAII and is coming for dinner (which I haven't cooked because I'm blogging).  She spends HOURS every day at the table with paper, scissors, tape and colors.  She's very mixed media and abstract.  Clearly taking after her Uncle Josh (who has gained national attention during his Master of Fine Arts program)!  We are so proud of her creativity and thankful her teacher and babysitter encourage this free form art play.

Heidi continues to be my snuggle bunny.  However, she can be one huge ball of energy too!  She is quick to love, especially if you are a teen or male.  She simply adores her "big kid friends" and I am thankful for a church community that provides these relationships.  She is also very into technology and this COLD winter has granted her an abundance of indoor time to play in her OWN Kindle which she simply loves (summer will be severely technology limited!).

Heidi has this adorable grin and double chin that I can't keep my lips off of!  At swimming lessons, she grins the whole time while her eyes show faint signs of fear and her arms paddle at mach speeds.  

We've been having many snow and cold temperature school cancellations and I try to make them more like VACATION days.  Here's a pic from Monday's trip to Chuck E. Cheese!  (They are in the roller coaster simulator).

That's my 30-minute update!  I'll be back soon with tales from the ER, tooth fairy and more :)  What's new with you?

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