Oh Holy Night

                                       Glowing view of our family crèche.

I cannot believe that I haven't written since September!  I miss journaling and I will definitely regret not having so many wonderful memories shared here....cause if something is not written down, I most likely will forget!

Recently I had an ephinany!  My lack of blogging has many roots, but the main culprit is having a husband who is both working full time and taking online classes.  That means I am pulling extra duty with the kiddos and I never have access to the real computer.

It's an exhausting phase of life, but a good and exciting phase.  Jake is creeping closer and closer to our dream of both working in schools and with kids.  It is going to be a great change for our family and all the trials of today are completely worth it!

Today I am at a work conference and for the next 24 hours, I am alone and soooo happy about it!  I checked into my room and when I return to it, it will be just as I left it!  At lunch, I made a conscious effort to put my fork down between bites, breathe deeply and really taste my food.  Yes, I am enjoying my alone time!  Soon I will check out the pool (hoping it's big enough for laps) and then enjoy a quiet, slow dinner before tucking into my quiet room and reading a novel....while looking out over the ski slopes (super proud of myself for asking for a view upgrade!).

Tomorrow night, we are tentatively planning for Jake and the girls to join me at the conference. They will enjoy the resort amenities while I am at my conference.  By tomorrow, I'll be ready to interrupt my zen and welcome the noise, clutter and busyness of my family :)

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