My clown 3.0

This girl fills my heart with more joy than I ever thought possible.  Granted, she's NUTS-O, but being brave and adventurous are traits we admire in this household!  From the get-go, she has loved to make us laugh and she does it SO well!  She's also my calm girl, always keen for a cuddle and face snuzzle.

She is beginning to surprise me with her insights, memory and imagination.  The other night as I carried her from my bed (where we often have her fall to sleep because otherwise she TALKS AND TALKS and keeps her sister awake), she woke up and gazed into my eyes in that adoring, pure way that only a small child can achieve and I said "You are so beautiful.".  Then, as I often do, I added the question, "Is it more important to be kind or beautiful?".  (My fear is that my kids hear praises on their looks so often that they will become vein and misguided.)  She wisely answered "Kind" and then added "but I'm both!".  True, true my sweet clown.

Jake and Hazel are endless balls of energy, more keen to literally run around than to be still.  Heidi is more like me, enjoying active time, but more keen to snuggle on the couch with a good book or tv show.  She still sucks those two fingers ALL THE TIME and her bunny is more and more a permanent companion.

Last night she was having trouble sleeping and as I climbed into her bed for the third round of snuggles, I wrote about her in my head, as I often do.  If only those words were kept somewhere so I can share them in their entirety. 

I climbed into her bed and she immediately whispered (in her whisper that is impossibly quiet):  "Will you scratch my back".  This is a request she gives many times a day.  Then she clarifies the request with, "use your lion paws".  Sometimes this means hard scratching and sometimes that means gentle scratching, but fortunately I've learned that she simultaneously gives her bunny a "lion paw back scratch" and I can mimic what technique she is using.

It also occurs to me that she hasn't completely lost her babyness.  She isn't a passive cuddler, oh no!  While I'm snuggling her, one hand has her fingers in her mouth while the other rubs my cheek/arm/wherever she can reach.  One of my favorite things about babies is how they don't yet realize that their feet are not hands.  When snuggling, Heidi's feet and toes revert to their babyness and join in on the snuggling.  The silky smooth pads bury their way into my skin and join in with the gentle touches.

Since I never shared the pics from her 3 year old shoot...here's a little recap of the past 3 years:

1st Birthday:  She's A Peach Party

2nd Birthday:  Goodnight Moon Party

3rd Birthday:  Penguin Party

This year will mark an exciting change for Heidi as she attends Toddler Time school 2 days a week and joins her sister in gymnastics and swimming lessons.  One thing is for sure, she will keep us laughing and snuggling all the year through!

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