Summer Projects

We are at the tail end of one of those blissful summer weekends in which there are no steadfast plans, errands to run, reasons to do anything other than what you want to do.  In theory, all weekends are like this, but in reality, they are rare gems.

We watched a rocket launch and visited with friends, organized a few more small areas in the home, did a yard work, read a book in the hammock (THIS ONE WAS ME), watched a parade, shopped, cooked healthy dinners, laughed with our kids, etc.  In fact today I actually said "This is one of those days that seems to have extra hours!".  I've had time to worship, clean, play, read, do a craft project, visit, cook, and now blog!

Jake spent the day taming his gardens.  We took this year off from gardening since he was out of time between work and school and the yard has been a tad embarrassing.  Now, even though we aren't getting ready to harvest anything, at least it is tame and it is easy to imagine the gorgeous gardens that will be there again one day.

As I write, the girls are enjoying some parade candy and watching Aladdin.  I'm anxious to get back to my book, but wanted to squeeze in a little blogging time since there is so much that I want to post on here.  Jake is organizing his clothes (we've all had massive closet/dresser/etc reorganizations this summer) while waiting on friends to arrive and help lift the girls playhouse INTO A TREE.  Did I mention that it is POURING?  Thunder, lightening, torrential down pours, flood warnings, etc!

Yet, he thinks his comrades are still going to show up and lift the house into the platform he's built in the trees.  I'm a tad doubtful... and yet I've come to believe that most things are possible with Jake.


This antenna has been attached to the roof of our house for a LOOOONG time.  It isn't something we use, but was not a priority to remove.  That is until a storm this spring ripped 3/4 of it from our roof.  Somehow it didn't break the window beneath- which would have been quite the horrid wake up call that it was past time to tackle this problem.

I INSISTED we hire someone to do this because this part of the house is 3 stories from the ground.  In true martial harmony, Jake ignored me and one day I found him like this (above).

Luckily, rock climbers are versatile and he had quite the system to safe guard himself.  Using more rock climber knowledge, I was able to assist the antenna down using a friction belay and the problem was solved.  Well, the antenna problem was solved.  The "how to get Jake off the roof" problem was what he had been waiting for!  Sigh...

And that my friends is what happens when you marry a Kosker.  Another project tackled, another eye roll from a wife, another happy homesteader.

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  1. "In true marital harmony, he ignored me." A classic line if I've ever heard one. Love it.


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