Gracefully made

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there lived a mostly sweet 4-year old who dreamed of being a rock star and whose parents decided to defy genetics and enroll her in a dance class.

the perfect pose for the girl I call "my philosopher"

While I have videos of her dancing, I'm not able to transfer any of my videos onto the computer.  So, take my word for it that she is ADORABLE!  She is graceful and poised... and typically a tad silly.

Overall, she LOVED dancing, even though she often wanted to skip dance class.  However, once she arrived and entered the room of mirrors, she would jump, twirl, curtsy, smile and stare.

Her teacher was a friend of mine, so once again, Hazel had the benefit of knowing her teacher well and feeling comfortable.  What a gift!

If I looked like this, I would stare too!

I must admit, that by the time the recital came around, the DANCE MOM in me began to roar it's ugly head.  It really bothered me that she didn't know the routines (but neither did the rest of the girls).  Practicing once a week for 9 months just didn't cut it.  So, I learned the routines and began practicing them at home.  It helped a lot, but next time, I'll do that MUCH earlier so that her knowledge and confidence are ready.

During her shows, she literally sparkled!  The big stage, bright lights and full auditorium didn't phase her in the least!  I was super nervous, but she was merely excited.  She did a great job, sometimes even leading her class in the right steps!

Here are her professional group photos.  She had a really nice, small class and enjoyed these "friends" (though in true preschool form, never learned their names!)...and I enjoyed getting to know their parents as we watched each week through the 2-way mirror.

Until the girls have a strong opinion, I'm alternating them between dance and gymnastics.  This year Heidi is old enough to join in on the fun!  She has waited patiently (often by dancing in the hallway of the dance studio in her ballet shoes) and I can't wait to see what amazing things the girls will do this year!

Regardless, I know there will be no shortage of adoring fans :)

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