Heidi's 3rd Birthday Party!


the only criteria listed by Heidi:  penguins, orange, "Kenzie, Kayla, Jillian, Olivia, Raeggie".  Could this girl be any more perfect, those are awesome criteria!  Fun, easy theme and the daughters of a handful of my dearest friends (aka, my women's circle).

Thoroughly inspired by working side-by-side with Krista, a school psych/ running mate who paints her nails in creative patterns weekly, I tackled our fingernails before I even figured out our party menu!  My nails are the tuxedo shirts with one orange polkadot, Heidi's are under mine with the reverse pattern (her nails are purposely out of focus...layer painting a toddler's nails was not my brightest & best parenting idea.  Jake had to leave his studies to come to Heidi's aid, reminding me that yelling at her wasn't really in the spirit of the occassion!).  

The middle photo are  my nails (I might be a convert, having rebelled against painted fingernails since 11th grade) and my friend, Andrea's.  She had no idea that I had painted my nails and showed up SHOWING ME UP!  Good thing I love her too much to unfriend her (her black & white outfit was cuter than mine too!  FRIENDS, yeesh ;)

The last picture is Andrea's daughter, Olivia.  Gorgeous all the way around, I was especially thrilled with how well she coordinated with the straws :)


I had to struggle to wake her up from her nap at 5:15!?!  She did NOT want to put on her party clothes.  However, as soon as she got downstairs and saw the tablescape and presents, she turned into the sweetest & most hyper almost-3-year-old you've ever seen!

I could not be more in love,

neither could her sister.

(I decorated their shirts and yes, I am proud!)

I'll post inspiration links and tutorials on Lazy Green Mama another day.  For now, some brief descriptions (mostly since this is our family journal).  

FROM LEFT:  Penguin Poppers (painted solo cups with balloon popper hats) & Penguin Eggs (marshmallows); goldfish crackers; olive penguins; orange dreamsicle birthday cake & orange poppyseed bundt cake; guest gifts of black & white bracelets; pizza cones for the kids (not pictured, strombolis from a local pizza shop, salad, shrimp cocktail & the beverage buffet).  Not pictured, black balloons that Jake turned into penguins, white & orange ballons; pin the baby on the penguin (which we didn't end up playing)


While her guests were mainly not quite age appropriate (you might notice that they're mostly 10-12 year olds), it was brilliant!  They entertained while the adults ate and chatted and then took care of helping Heidi with opening her gifts while still being young enough to then PLAY with her and the new gifts!  

Ever a sucker for a theme, we gave Heidi a penguin book, a penguin with baby doll and that adorable penguin costume (which is actually a hand-me-down from my friend who made that awesome skirt.)

We dug out both Pictionary and Pictionary Jr. which ended up being a BLAST!  Even Hazel, Heidi and Raegan got in on it- Hazel made letters while Regs and Heidi drew whatever the heck they wanted (and agreed with our guesses once the timer went off).  

Bottom left pictures:  Mackenzie popping some "eggs" at someone; Makayla giving Heidi a dose of her own medicine... Heidi brought the TOY gun out at the beginning of the party and started to shoot her guests... while we do allow gun playing, we don't aim at people, however this is what Heidi wanted and I gave Makalya the AOK to indulge Heidi.... She's weird, but wonderful!

Heidi's 3rd birthday party!  It was our best yet (*I say that after every birthday)!  Fun for all and Heidi L.O.V.E.D. it!  We had the party on a Friday night because that's when the "big kids" were available.  However, as a now working mom, that sure did make my Friday a tad stressful.  Thankfully most of the decor was done in advance and using easy foods was one of my most brilliant party ideas :)

I can't believe 3 years have passed since her birth.  Tomorrow I will share my thoughts on simply THE GIRL.  For tonight, I will tiptoe into her bedroom, kiss her soft cheek and sweaty neck.  When she sleeps, I still see my baby.  When she wakes, she will be my smart, funny, loud, fiercely independent, dare devil 3 year-old.  I am richly blessed.

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  1. Totally "cool!" You win mamma-party-prize once again. Those t-shirts are adorable and the party looked like a blast! Good work, Mama Penguin!
    Happy Birthday, to our favorite Heidi-Loo!


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