Trip of a lifetime. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Last week Jake and I got to travel to the Hard Rock Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico compliments of Thrive Life.
man do we look WHITE!  I got a slight burn the first day and we lathered on sun screen every minute after!  Long term health & beauty :)

We are truly grateful to Thrive for letting us earn this trip.  Only 30 consultants were able to qualify and it blows me away that I was one of them.  I am definitely not the most successful consultant, but I did a few things right and scored this trip... A free vacation just for eating better and sharing it with my friends, really?

30 trip winners plus guest, executive team & consultants who bought into the trip.

For Jake and I have to have a vacation, just the two of us, without the worry of finances was a great blessing at this point in our lives.  We needed to have fun being a couple, I needed to rest and rejuvenated, we needed time to miss our children... We spent much of the plane ride home looking at pictures of the kids, by that point missing them had become painful!

While I struggled the entire 5 days with letting go of the need to have a schedule, we did vacation in a way that is very foreign to us!  We are not resort people, but really appreciated the comforts of a resort.  Ordering whatever, whenever was so freeing!  At the Asian restaurant, we finished our main courses and ordered a new batch, just to try more foods!  At every meal, my goal was to try new and different foods/ flavors/ drinks.  It was so wonderful to not worry about the price!  Champagne delivered to our room, why not.  Ice cream cones at 11am, sure!  While I didn't stuff myself silly or drink myself to oblivion, I certainly never felt hungry during the entire trip!  

One peak experience of the trip was the group excursion to extreme zip lining.  I regrettably admit that the experience didn't give me the adrenaline rush I was hoping for.  I suppose my hours and hours spent high in a tree running a zip line at Camp Lutherlyn changed my perspective on fear of heights/ zipping through the canopy.  The best part was the Superman which caused a faint glimmer of adrenaline as I watched others zip while lying on their stomachs, way over the trees, for 1000m.  However, once the zip started, it brought a feeling of utter peace.  At one point, I looked to my right and noticed a hawk gliding at the same height.  Very cool!


My favorite part of the trip was when we took a 30 minute taxi ride to downtown Puerto Vallarta.  Regrettably, we only had about 2 hours to spend on the boardwalk, but it is a beautiful place!  Lovely boardwalk peppered with cooper statues and interesting people.  Streets full of colorful vendors and gardens tucked into every nook and cranny.  The buildings are mostly covered in white stucco, trimmed in vibrant colors.  Truly lovely!  In the future, I'll make sure to spend more time in the city!

The non destination highlight was making friendships with other thrive life consultants.  I had never met my mentor and spending time with her and her husband was simply a blast!  We made other lifelong friends with other couples, discovered that the executives are down to earth, lovely people and left feeling so connected and proud of our work with Thrive Life.
While 3 of these pictures were taken on the same night, it appears that I opted for horizontal stripes almost every day!  Also featured in these photos:  dinner with Misty & Cory Marsh (my mentor) and poolside drinks with Holly Cooley (the only other "east coast" consultant on the trip).  As for goofball Jake, most of the pictures speak for themselves... in the lower left, he is having a very happy moment holding a newly hatched turtle before it's released into the ocean, in the top right he is trying on a mask that I very much regret not purchasing ;) 

Heading to warm, breezy Mexico during a frigid February (it was negative 10 degrees when we left!) was such a perfect way to refresh the mind and body!  Perhaps we' get to do it again someday???


  1. Well, of course you will do it again, silly! NEXT YEAR! =) It was so much fun hanging out with you guys. And now I kind of wish I had walked down to see the turtles with y'all. But....next year! =)

  2. OH, MISSING the trip and you and the warm weather! Can't wait for next year!

    1. I can't believe it was a WEEK ago already! I want to rewind time and do it all again!


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