HEADLINE: Sisters Caught Reading In Bed!

While I don't have memories of toddlerhood or playing with my sister for days on end, as country girls, we were certainly each other's best friends and only playmate.

Hazel and Heidi have such a beautiful relationship!  Do they fight, OH YES.  But mostly, they play, love, laugh, share.  They each think that the other is her "best friend" and I often catch them showing each other love.

The other night, a very sleepy mommy and very busy daddy hurried them off to bed.  Typically we have one fall asleep in our bed, but this night I was so tired that I wanted my bed!  So, we read them each a book, tucked them in, gave a few reminders/threats and closed the door.

From my room, I could hear them talking, but ignored it hoping it would quickly end.

It didn't.

Finally, I struggled out of bed (granted it was barely 8:30) and opened the door intent on giving them quite the lecture.

This is what I found:

Heidi had walked across the room and climbed into Hazel's bed.  Hazel was "reading" her stories.


This particular night, they looked up with guilty faces and were quite surprised when I immediately closed the door.  I grabbed my iPad (the most convenient way to take and upload pics these days) and reopened the door to snap this pic.

What's a strict mama to do?

Well, they didn't get a lecture, but I did separate them, give very strict orders about lights staying off and bodies staying in bed.

They obliged me with falling quickly asleep.  Phew!

As for books, I have been enjoying more and more reading time with the girls.  Often while Jake is either cooking or cleaning up from dinner, I'll gather the girls in my arm chair and we dig in to a pile.

This week my school librarian has been putting a ton of great books on the staff "give away" table.  Our district has closed many satellite schools over the years (small rural schools) and she has duplicate/triplicates of some books.  While I try not to be a hog, I couldn't help but pick out a few!

Our favorite one...that is read multiple times a day:
(photo is affiliate link)

Emma Dilemma:  Big Sister Poems by Kristine O'Connell George.  Hazel canNOT get enough of this book which very accurately describes the joys and hardships of being a big sister (though I don't think my big sister could relate AT ALL!  I NEVER copied everything she did nor explored her bedroom nor ruined her new markers...oh, I still shudder when I use markers worried that I'll press too hard and make my sister mad!).

PLUS, it's POETRY!  Earlier this year at my school, Dr. Mary Bigler presented at my school about the importance of reading to our kids.  She talked about reading fiction, nonfiction AND poetry!  Now, I am a fiction type of girl.  Nonfiction is left to dad.  Poetry is left to the scholars...but our house seems rather void of those ;)  While I don't dislike poetry, I'm not drawn to it and never think to purchase it!

Emma Dilemma isn't cutesy or rhyme-y.  But it's lyrical and fun and WE LOVE IT!

So there you have it, my thoughts about the blessings of sisters AND a book recommendation!

See here for an earlier post where I recommend another book for sisters.



  1. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein was always one of my favorites as a kid.

  2. I remember that Marianne saved up her own money to buy "Where the Sidewalk Ends". :))))


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