Oh my, where have I been?  This has been a great season for my wild-wish-we-were-more-idle family!

*in my dream world, I'll be following this highlight reel up with more detailed posts, but just in case...here they are:

  1. Hazel started Preschool (she looves it!)
  2. Jake and the girls threw me a SURPRISE PARTY (complete with balloon shooting range & kids balloon prize activity).

  3. Hazel started dance class (ballet, jazz & tap.  I get to watch each week through the two-way mirror... I THINK they may be learning "Thriller"...sweet!) 
  4. Heidi gets 2 mornings a week when she's the only kid with her babysitter.  She LOVES her "Tina days".  We are so lucky to have found a woman who babysits her niece and lovingly opens her homes to the H's.
    HEY, I'd like to see you snap a non-goofy shot of these two!  Oi Vey!
  5. We went hiking with my cousins, Stephen, Betsy and baby SETH!  Note to self, any trail named "Hell's Hollow" should really be avoided, especially with 3 young ones!  
    Spending time with my cousins is one of the best things about living in PA...however it's so easy to not schedule outings!  Granted, we all kinda wish we hadn't scheduled THIS outing, but still the time together (and bruises) were worth it!)
  6. Jake and I got to spend a weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair with dear our dear friends from Life Under A Blue Roof.  We learned a lot, ate a lot, enjoyed camping in the rain, and grew our Thrive businesses!
  7. My sister made a very last minute decision and within 24 hours, flew from Germany to PA!
  8. On Oct. 3rd, my dad's birthday, my mom treated Marianne and I to an amazing trip to NYC!  It was so wonderful just being the three of us, exploring midtown Manhattan and the highlight...watching Newsies on Broadway.  Newsies was the soundtrack to dozens of Orris family vacations and the perfect way to celebrate our dad.  

and one more for the road... *sigh*  (just kidding, this kind of behavior just makes me love them MORE!)


  1. They are getting so big! Cute pictures!

  2. Very cute. If you open the package that should have been delivered to Grandma's house on Friday, there's another matching dress in there for Annie. Sigh. Wish she had it now.

  3. BEST (and worst) hike ever!! Can't wait to do it again some day! orrrr maybe a shortened version of it! :)


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