Happy Halloween (mwahahahaha)!

While we've never been tempted to cover our house in fake cobwebs (oh, because it's covered in real ones), we do LOVE dressing up in this house!  Kudos for all the anti-Halloween people for their upstanding values, but well... we LOVE a little bit of fright, a little bit of imagination and a little bit of tricks and A LOT of treats!

We've had so many Halloween events already, and it's not even technically Halloween yet!  Still on the agenda is carving pumpkins, a preschool Halloween party and a second grown-up Halloween party.

First up:  PUMPKIN PATCH with baby Ian (my cousin Kathe's 4-week old son) who is living next door for the month!

Then  Jake and I won SCARIEST COSTUME AWARD at a friend's huge Halloween Bash!  We went dressed as "Day of the Dead".

NEXT UP:  KID COSTUMES!  This is my favorite part!  The girls are at the ripe age where just dressing up and prancing around the house brings them oodles of joy (me too).  I lucked out this year because Hazel wanted to be a PINK UNICORN (everything these days must be either pink or a unicorn, but BOTH whenever possible)...and last Spring, before both of these obsessions, I saw a PINK UNICORN at a consignment shop and picked it up on a whim.  Lucky lucky me!

For the trick-or-treating event at the mall (bottom right pic), Hazel simply wore a pink dress while "riding" her unicorn.  For the church trunk-or-treat/ Halloween Party, her rainbow dress from Etsy had arrived!  So, if you can't tell (humph!), she is a rainbow girl flying through the sky on her pink unicorn.  I sewed batting onto blue pants and a headband and well, that was a TOTAL FAIL!  The cotton was EVERYWHERE and completely falling off by the time she got into the car....hence the ghetto white tape. Oh my.  Luckily, I get another shot at this costume this week... THIRD TIME's THE CHARM... I hope!

Now, I'm TOTALLY PROUD of Heidi's costume!  A few weeks ago, she became obsessed with the Care Bear Movie from the 80s which is available on Netflix.  I had NO good ideas for her and was going to slap her into one of Hazel's old costumes... until one night, while watching Care Bears for the umpteenth time, I thought "I bet that's any easy costume to make".  Truer words have never been thought (I'm not known for profound thoughts, clearly.)  A quick Pinterest search yielded a ton of inspiration and off I went!  I'll be posting a tutorial at www.thrivinglife.co soon :)  

Heidi picked Love-A-Lot bear and we are all THRILLED with the result!  Her favorite part is the tail which she LOVES to shake.  My favorite part is the ears...and that FACE!  I'm hoping this "costume" will hold up well in the wash and she'll get a lot more use out of this comfy sweat suit.
Bummer, you can't see that there is a heart on her bum like a real Care Bear.  Well, now you know.

JAKE's FAVORITE PART of this holiday has long been a dream of his...  He LOVES entertaining kids and dreaming on the large scale.  Our friends who throw the adult party mentioned above offered Jake free reign of their treasure trove of Halloween decorations (They seriously cover about every surface in their house...it's incredible and SPOOKY!).  So, before the church Trunk-or-Treat, Jake outfitted my parent's camper into a mobile haunted house/ Roadkill Cafe/ Hell's Kitchen.  We're talking black lights, fog machine, creepy dolls, bloody body parts, cauldrons, candles...THE WORKS!

This picture doesn't do the final result justice (had to use a flash), but it gives you a glimpse as to why Jake is now the most popular guy in town (seriously, he was immediately invited to a friend's daughter's 13th birthday party... which he was more than happy to "attend"):

We have the kids enter the camper and sit at the table where there are two covered serving trays.  They hesitantly look under the first one and find a bloody foot.  Then they look under the second one...AND SCREAM when Jake either smiles gently (with the younger kids) or growls.  AWESOMENESS, eh?

What's your favorite part of Halloween?

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