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Royal greetings one and all!  (bonus points on my invisible point system if you can identify where that greeting originates)

I am two weeks into life as a full-time school counselor.  I'm conflicted because I AM LOVING MY JOB!  I always knew I liked my job... but I am LOVING it!  I'm busy and harried and exhausted, but I'm happy.  My husband once said (when he got to work in my building for a few months) that it's impossible to have a bad day when surrounded by young kids.  Truer words have never been spoken.

While my mind spins with ideas and projects at 1000 miles an hour, I'm surrounded by the love of kids.  I see their excited/nervous/proud faces every morning.  I see how they've grown in a year.  I watch their amazing teachers leading them through lessons I've never imagined a young one capable of.  It's truly the most awe inspiring place.

I'm conflicted because I have SO MUCH that I want to do in the few short hours after work, after the kids are in bed... and more often than not, there is NO time between the kids going down and when I fall into bed with a book in an attempt to quiet my mind and plug into dream land.

In the meantime, I also have my Thrive Life business that I absolutely LOVE (guilty of overusing the word, but it's so true)!  While I'm lucky to have a stable (ie health benefits) career that gives me the freedom to be creative while I'm helping kids, I am also SO excited about my future possibilities because of what Thrive brings to my life.  So yeah, work things are really really good for me right now.  Impossibly busy, but good.

In other news, our house is in computer limbo.  My pictures are all on one computer that also has a nasty virus and the tech guys swear is not worth saving.  My brother-in-law, Josh, has left us a fabulous desktop that has become Jake's better half as he works his way towards a career that will get him back into the elementary schools (see above for reasons why).  I'm working on my dear-ole-dad's laptop and half expect him to call me at any minute and warn me not to change ANY settings or download ANY files because I always muck it up for him.  You can also find me engrossed in my Kindle Fire OR my new (school issued) iPad.  One (or more) of everything in this house currently!

So, no pictures today and fewer posts for the foreseeable future.  But rest assured we're here & we're online, just email or facebook us to connect :)

In the meantime, I continue to share green living, nutritious living & DIY projects at Lazy Green Mama.  Look for me over there... or in bed (wait, don't look in my bed...that would be creepy...).

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  1. It's from Hunger Games!!! I'm assuming I have at least a million points in your invisible point system, right?! Glad to hear you are enjoying full time employment!!



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