Summer Staycation

While the word "staycation" is a bit dorky, I also kind of love it.  I suppose some of you are thinking there's a direct relationship there... I snub my nose at you ;)

This July, nearly EVERY DAY we have done something fun!  Most days that involves pool crashing (we have a circuit of friends with pools who we visit), visiting playgrounds, and exploring our local area.  It's awesome!

The girls are finally old enough to be more active and while nap time is still a priority, we are LOVING the freedom to jump into the car each morning and set out on new adventures.

Yes, this travel bug mama dreams of grander vacations someday, but for now, I'm content with our "big" trips to Cook Forest State Park, Presque Isle State Park and all the local friends and parks we can fit in!

I have quite a back log of pictures and stories to share, but here are a few gems from a recent trip to Cook Forest.  We're so lucky that our Aunt & Uncle are such great hosts, and share their kayaks :)

What's your favorite "staycation" destination?

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  1. You live in a beautiful garden of Eden. A stay-cation on the compound is what I'd travel for! Love you guys.


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