A FOURtaste of what's to come

Oh Hazel.  At 4, you are silly, passionate, interested & interesting, shy, thoughtful, compassionate and beautiful.

You've learned how to cross your eyes and take joy in sabotaging mama's photo shoots.

You LOVE your family!  At nap times and bed times, you fling your arm over my neck and say "I love mommy daddy Heidi!".  You ADORE your friends, especially the older girls from church and your cousin Annie.  You know that it's sad that Junko is gone, but mostly, you're happy that he is in heaven and remind me that it would be happy to live with God and that you'll see him again someday.

When you're frustrated or embarrassed, you SPRINT!  I'm talking, turn on your heels and RUN.  Usually out of the house.  We give you your space to calm down, but sometimes you're hard to find!  Once we didn't find you for about 30 minutes and when we finally found you, you were sound asleep in the garden shelter.

You are really excited about growing older.  We love to tease each other about it.  I vow to only feed you junk food so you stop growing- You insist I feed you HEALTHY food (brilliant Mama move, eh?)- I tell you that you'll always be my baby- you remind me that you are 4!

In fact, you've prepacked your preschool backpack about 6 times.  You are VERY ready, even if you've only taken a brief interest in learning letters and how to hold a pencil.  All in good time :)

When you grow up, you want to be a singer and a doctor.  You plan to marry Daddy and let Mama babysit your babies (and Heidi will play with them, 'cause it seems you don't think Heidi will age).

You bring joy to everyone around you and I love you more than I ever realized was possible.

Oh...the places you'll go...


  1. Oh, I love that she's still wearing that dress/shirt! What a sweetheart. It's funny because the biggest difference between her three year old shot and the fourth, besides the sassiness, is the bagginess of her leggings.

  2. How special to have that same dress/shirt to capture pictures each year. Love the photo shoot and this little girl!

  3. I love the shirt. I imagine someday you will have to turn it into a headwrap. :)
    I also love your descriptions of her and expect she will dearly treasure these accounts someday!

  4. So sweet! Is she really 4 already? Time flies! I love the dress shirt through time. It's really held up well! (I also see that Heidi now fits in the mexican dress from the strip!) She's a really fun loving toddler. I love her many faces:)


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