Springing Up :: Glimpse into what's growing!

It's that time of year where birds starts returning home and moving into our bird houses, my girls show up with skinned knees and muddy toes and my husband spends every waking moment (often till midnight) digging in dirt.  Oh what a wonderful time of year!

Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods!

The only plants that I can identify and pay attention when Jake talks about are the rows of STRAWBERRIES and my flowering peach trees!  It's so wonderful watching everything grow and develop as each planting season arrives.

Of course, there's A LOT of this going on:
WHY is it so much fun to walk UP slides?  I think I'll name this technique "SISTER BOWLING".

And inspired by our LESS SCREEN TIME PLEDGE, we've been staying OUT of the house and enjoying picnic lunches in the girls playhouse... after just 2 days, Hazel informed me that she will eat EVERY lunch in HER house from now on.  Perhaps we need a better roof (that's an old canvas tent stretched on top)?

How are you celebrating Spring?

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  1. Pregnant woman here in NEED of yummy strawberries...I've been counting down the days until farmers markets and CSA's have delicious strawberries again;)


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