Reflections on Nursing and Mumbo Nursing Pillow Envy

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I nursed babies for about 3 years of my life.  Prior to nursing, I'd never really thought about nursing nor paid attention to nursing moms.  I didn't realize that they're were nursing pillows, nursing clothes, nursing creams.  I knew I would nurse because I'm too frugal not to, but I never expected to FALL IN LOVE with such a primitive act.

Fall in love I did and now my body physically yearns for another baby every time I see a friend nurse or hear about it.  Granted, I also sleep for about 7 blissful uninterrupted hours of sleep a night... so if push came to shove, I'd probably be very conflicted about whether I want to nurse OR sleep through the night.

ANYWHO, recently I received a mombo nursing pillow to review.  Oh sweet heaven.  This nursing pillow blew my old hand-me-down out of the water.  Immediately I noticed how thick it was (anyone else require an arm chair to get their nursing pillow to work comfortably?).  

A dear coworker, Andrea was super willing to try out this new pillow for me.  Oh, this picture makes my heart turn to goo...



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As you can see, Andrea's sweet boy is growing up (fast) and this pillow was slightly too thick for her normal nursing spot.  However, she noted that it would be PERFECT for those times when we're leaning against a wall or stuck in a non-supportive spot (anyone else get back pain when nursing while sitting on the floor and leaning over in an attempt to use your lap as a support?  ugh!).


One side of the mumbo is firm for supporting during nursing time and the other side is softer for tummy time and sitting up.  Andrea discovered that the mombo nursing pillow was perfect for sitting up time for her little guy.  It provided a lot more structure than her "old" nursing pillow and he really enjoyed sit in the U.  PERHAPS he loved it so much because the Mumbo is the only nursing pillow that includes a vibration box... so our little ones can really relax and feel soothed during their independent floor time!

Mombo nursing pillow's (and other great Mombo products) are available at Babies R'Us...you will be the hit of the next baby shower, I promise :)

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  1. THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!! I may have to request it for a "baby is being born" gift from my hubby ;) ALWAYS had to use extra pillows for nursing under the other one!

    1. You certainly deserve a new nursing pillow! Can't wait to meet #3 :)


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