Sisters and Their Swingset

Long ago, we received a sweet board book about Sisters (from Grandma Baird).

This is the story of two sisters... who in many ways, were different.
Perhaps because the book reminds me so much of growing up with my big sister, it makes me so happy every time I read it:
One liked to chase fireflies through the grass... while the other liked to lie back and look at the stars.
The two sisters were alike in many ways too.  They both like horses... and sugar-snap peas fresh from the garden.
And a pile of leaves was never safe with those sisters around.
They fought over the piano... 
And both felt the day would not be complete without a swing after supper. 

Last week, Jake erected the girls' swing set .. all for the total cost of $40!  Not too shabby, eh?  We paid for 2 new big girls swings (which Hazel was initially leery of, but now LOVES) and one yard sale slide.  The rest of the set came from the house of a friend of Jake's whose kids had outgrown the set.  I snapped the above picture to show how Jake, the rock climber, managed to stand the set-up without my assistance!  IMPRESSIVE :)  Yesterday during some gloriously warm Spring weather, I was thrilled when both girls spent a huge chunk of time playing on their own outside now that they have their own "playground".

Speaking of SISTERS, recently Houdini Heidi has perfected the art of climbing out of her crib, unscathed.  We're not sure how she does it, but we're thankful our little climber manages it without injury!  Recently I put the girls to bed and knew they were up to mischief, but let it be.  Eventually their squeaky voices quieted and I was relieved that they fell asleep... until I checked on them and was shocked to discover them sleeping in the same bed!
umm... let's pretend my 2-year-old doesn't have electric cords by her head!
Because, you see, they loved each other so very much.
These two sisters sure do love each other!  Hazel is always quick to call Heidi her "best friend" and tell us all the amazing things they are going to do together once Heidi gets bigger.  In the meantime, they're finding plenty of laughter (and mischief) together:

Yup, sisters sure are one of the sweetest things in life!  I can't wait to spend some time with my sister this summer... we will laugh, cry, fight, craft, share and HAVE A BLAST :)

What's your favorite thing about having a sister?

*Here's my affiliate link for this fantastic book.


  1. I don't have a "favorite thing about my sister"...cuz , well, I have 3 brothers. And it was a blast growing up with them! And now, I have wonderful "Sister in laws"....5 of them. And I have friends, who are like sisters to me. And I was blessed to raise 2 sisters....who have made me so happy (even when they were mad at me for forcing them to hug each other after an argument :)

  2. oops. It just was pointed out to me by my older daughter...that I have 6 Sisters-in-law...not 5. So, if you're one of them and you're wondering which one of you I missed the first time......Keep wondering! :)

    1. hahaha... SHAMELESS! I counted 5 on my first run through too... never telling who I forgot :)

  3. So sweet! They really seem to be the best of friends. I love the new swing set! Maybe when I come to visit next Hazel will invite me for lunch in her house?


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