Heidi's Goodnight Moon Party

What a BLAST!  I love a good theme, and this was my favorite yet!  I have tons of Goodnight Moon Party details over at Lazy Green Mama.

However,  I'm betting that you want to see more of
This is what she does every time someone asks her how old she is.  Perhaps she'll master this fine motor skill by next year :)

Despite a cough and a poor night's rest, Heidi had a WONDERFUL birthday!

Our sweet girl went from THIS:

Be still my beating heart
After a too-short-nap, her Grammy Kosker and I let her open her first present (which I needed for party decor) and then headed out for her birthday photo shoot.  I think the present was a hit:

Then we came indoors and got ready TO PARTY!
My master plan worked and our Adelaide's Boutique outfits from last year still fit!  Next year Heidi's will still work as a tank top!  
The guests:

Heidi with her Great Grandma.  Probably the sweetest picture I've ever taken.
2 party girls livin' it up

(her Aunt Marianne will be pleased to know that Heidi declared "Presents" was her favorite part of the day)

Heidi opening up her presents.  I'm thrilled with our new book selections!
And what party is complete without a Medley Acres tractor ride?

Please head over to Lazy Green Mama for more Goodnight Moon party pictures.


  1. Looks like a blast! She is so grown up! And that picture you took of Grandma and Heidi is definitely a keeper. How precious!!!

  2. That's my girl! See you guys soon!


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