Changing My Name

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."  will shakespeare

It's cliché for a mama to say "I'm changing my name" in response to 24/7 yells for "MOMMY!".  In fact, like many women, I spent the bulk of my life wishing, hoping, dreaming & praying for the gift of being called "Mama".

However, Heidi is growing two back molars.  Heidi has found her voice and talks NON STOP.  Heidi has a very loud speaking voice.  Heidi has a cold & a cough.  Heidi has decided that she wants to sleep in my bed (note: not with me, just take over my bed).  

Over the past 4 days, Heidi has perfected the art of sleeping peacefully for 2 hours, screaming for "MAMA! MOMMY!  MAMA!" for 30 minutes (feels like 300 minutes), and then sleeping for a few hours again until starting again.  When I know that she is safe, comfortable & as medicated as I'm going to make her, we make her scream it out.

Our hope (and a fact we've proven many times over) is that by not reinforcing this dreadful habit by responding to her every time, she will learn not to scream like a banshee for me throughout the night.  

In the meantime, I'm missing those blissful rapid eye movements and my heart is breaking while I have to lie in bed not responding to the frantic (and have I mentioned LOUD) calls for me throughout the night.

For today, how about everyone just call me "Sleepyhead".

*For the record, this behavior is very unusual for Heidi.  She typically gleefully lies down in bed at 7:30 and doesn't make a PEEP for about 11 hours.  She typically requires no coddling, cuddling, nor canoodlings.

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