Saddle up

Deep inside, I'm a horse girl.  My Grandma remembers vividly feeling so sad that she couldn't give me the horse I so desperately wanted as a wee one.  After college, I spent 2 years working at Camp Lutherlyn and my favorite days were my stable mucking days.  Crazy, but true... I enjoyed feeding, tending to and cleaning the stalls of 19 horses.

In fact, my inner cowgirl came out for my kickin 30th Birthday square dance.  Oh man that was an awesome way to ring in a new decade!

Recently, we finally made it out to the farm of some close family friends.  I expected that the girls would get to sit on horses, but I didn't expect for them to have 5 horses ready with the intent to take us all on a trail ride!  We LOVED it (even my husband who admits to feeling a tad uncomfortable around horses)!

Soon after this picture, Jake nudged that horse into a trot!  Off they went!  I couldn't believe it :)

my view

Heidi was a tad unsure, especially when I placed her on the neck of the horse.  But tucked into the saddle with me, she had a (tentative) blast.  The best (selfish) part... my stetson cowgirl boots are now bonafide (and still muddy).

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