Heidi-loo-who is TWO

My sweet silly baby is TWO today.  She's been fighting a low fever, cough and cold the past few days, but despite all of that... she woke up HAPPY!

We started our morning with her first birthday card (thanks Grandma Bear!) and hanging the birthday banner.  She is giddy and I predict I'll be singing the birthday song to her non-stop.

She'll don her birthday dress in a few hours and have a kickin' birthday party.  I've had SO much fun with the Goodnight Moon party theme.  Almost every day, when Heidi is otherwise entertained, Hazel will sneak the book over to me and turn each page, brainstorming party ideas.

Yesterday she began her party prep and there's a hair brush, toy mouse and fake telephone sitting on my counter just waiting for the party (those are all featured in Goodnight Moon).  I LOVE planning parties, but having a party planner assistant is the COOLEST THING EVER (even if she photo bombed this early morning photo shoot :)!

Typically I don't think they look alike, this picture proves me WRONG  :)
I am blessed.


  1. Happy birthday, Heidi! Wish we could celebrate with you. Much love and hugs! Can't wait to see the pictures of what your mama has planned :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Heidi. You bring me a smile every time I see you. YOu are FEARLESS!...jumping from coffee table to couch, not worrying if you are going to make it or not. Your eyes sparkle with mischievous. When you snuggle, everyone feels your love. And how you lead the pack in greeting everyone...throwing yourself at even strangers! Even Hazel follows YOU sometimes (other times you are definitely loved by your big sister). We love you Heidi Loo Hoo..and can't wait to see what this new year brings to you. Llama and Junko.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Heidi Rose! I can't wait to see what your mom and sister have planned for your party!

  4. Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl! I can't believe Heidi's already 2, time goes so fast!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Heidi. I'm guessing it's gonna be an awesome day! I can't wait to read all about it!


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