First haircuts

A few weeks ago, I'd HAD it!  No longer could I ignore the fact that Heidi's straight hair had become a bold mullet.  I hacked her bangs away months ago and I can officially say, the front and side of her hair does not grow while the back is the miracle gro of hair.

My daughter can simply not sport a mullet, I mean mullets are so wrong, they are banned in Iran (for real, I just read it here).

Before versus After ::  Mullet versus Mama forgot to take a headshot.
Since Heidi needed her first haircut, Hazel felt a little left out and wanted to join in the fun.  Now, I LOVE her curls, but they are a pain to comb through every week day.  So, I agreed that she could get her first cut too... though we still kept the length.  Yup, still beautiful!

Before versus After ::  Length versus Bouncy Curls


  1. I think Heidi, if anyone, can pull off a mullet! They're both so cute!

  2. such pretty girls !


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