Gymnastics 101

While feeling frustrated about my lack of postings recently, I looked at my blog and noticed that there was a definite change in the New Year.  Then it occurred to me, that that is precisely when I added EXERCISE back into my priority list!  My husband is quick to remind me that regardless of how many things I earmark as "priority", only a finite number of things can actually be given my time/energy.

In January, we bought a family YMCA pass and we go to they Y almost every day (I exercise 2-3 days a week, the girls have swim lessons on Saturdays and Hazel just started her gymnastics class {see below}).  So, though I miss this as my creative outlet, sounding board and family journal, I'm sure my healthy efforts will pay off BIG in quality of life... I simply must get in shape :)

While my posts may be less frequent, I'm still active on facebook & on LazyGreenMama.  Hope to see you there :)


Just look at these arms!

It's a fine line between introducing our children to new experiences and becoming a chauffeur / free time muncher.  However, as this tiny body blossoms into girlhood, I enjoy watching her learn how to move in new ways and experiment with potential hobbies. 

Hazel spends most of her time at home bouncing on her mini trampoline (she naturally exercises during TV time!), doing headstands on the couch, doing yogic stretches on the floor & perfecting her somersault.  So with the free class voucher from my work place, we enrolled her in a month of gymnastics.  She has gone twice and for the most part, enjoys it!  

The above picture was during her first class when the entire group did stretches together.  She is a mixture between shy, awkward girl bounding around the mats on her tip toes, unsure what to do with herself & athletic, chiseled, Child of God.  She carefully watches the other kids to learn what to do and makes tentative efforts to move her body in new ways.

Here's what she's done so far:

Of course, there's also a lot of this:
goofy girl hams it up as often as possible

and this:
 for every event she gets to try, she spends long minutes waiting her turn (though I think watching the older kids on other events is extremely educational!)


  1. Yay, Hazel! How exciting! I loved gymnastics :)

  2. I think Hazel might have more muscle in her arms than i do! Super cute outfits too!

  3. I think it's hilarious how she puts her hands and fingers as she's concentrating!. Look at them!


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