Toddler Book-themed Birthday Party :: Heidi's Wish List

In about 35 days, my baby is turning TWO!  Thank goodness she still loves snuggling in my arms and her neck still smells like plain yogurt and her cheeks are still the softest things I've ever felt...  For the next month, my baby she will be... and then I will smile as she celebrates the end of babyhood (and I'll cry privately).

Apart from constantly crawling around the house, growling like a dog, Heidi hasn't offered up any awesome birthday party theme ideas.  As an avid non-dog-enthusiast, there is NO WAY I'm throwing a dog themed party (Heidi was even bit by a dog this year and still loves the smelly beasts... sigh...).  I know, I know, you're all shaking your heads and wanting to growl at me too... GO AHEAD:

ANYWHO,  I was so lost, that I actually typed "Toddler Birthday Party Themes" in Pinterest.  If you're not familiar with Pinterest, that is comparable to counting how many times "the" is in the Bible.  Aaannnddd, I just compared Pinterest to the Bible.  Bring me a trophy NOW!

I'm on track to offend every reader I've ever had, and this post was supposed to be all about sweet Heidi and her wish list!  Back to the subject...

During that fruitless birthday theme search, I DID manage to plan Hazel's 4th birthday.  It's gonna be AWESOME!  But what about Heidi Rose?  What does she LOVE?  AND THEN IT HIT ME:

In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon... AND A BIRTHDAY PARTY!

I have mama guilt over the fact that I don't read to Heidi nearly as often as I read to Hazel in her first 2 years.  And yet, we're reading much more often these days... granted it's the same book over and over and over.  "Gnite Moo!" is a daily, hourly request!

*She also LOVES a book my Uncle John Krumich worked on which is consists of classic kids songs. "If You're Happy and You Know It" by Nicki Weiss, however it's out of print, so you can't buy one for your favorite kids :(

In the above pic, she curled up on our reading chair and was reading to herself.  "Gnite Moo" is what she says over and over and over.  When we read together, her favorite pages are the ones where I read "And the tired old lady who was whispering..." and Heidi whispers "HUSSSHHH".

So, she will have a BOOK-THEMED BIRTHDAY!  It's perfect because she has more toys and clothes than we can manage, but books... oh, one never has enough books.  Plus, since Jake and I don't have room in our budget for extras, our book selection isn't nearly what I want it to be.

I just happen to have been collecting "recommendation" guides and so here are our top book desires (don't worry about duplicates, we LOVE duplicate books!):

*these are my affiliate links so I will receive a SMALL commission if you purchase through the links attached to the pictures. 


Feel free to live your recommendations in the comments!  


Gymnastics 101

While feeling frustrated about my lack of postings recently, I looked at my blog and noticed that there was a definite change in the New Year.  Then it occurred to me, that that is precisely when I added EXERCISE back into my priority list!  My husband is quick to remind me that regardless of how many things I earmark as "priority", only a finite number of things can actually be given my time/energy.

In January, we bought a family YMCA pass and we go to they Y almost every day (I exercise 2-3 days a week, the girls have swim lessons on Saturdays and Hazel just started her gymnastics class {see below}).  So, though I miss this as my creative outlet, sounding board and family journal, I'm sure my healthy efforts will pay off BIG in quality of life... I simply must get in shape :)

While my posts may be less frequent, I'm still active on facebook & on LazyGreenMama.  Hope to see you there :)


Just look at these arms!

It's a fine line between introducing our children to new experiences and becoming a chauffeur / free time muncher.  However, as this tiny body blossoms into girlhood, I enjoy watching her learn how to move in new ways and experiment with potential hobbies. 

Hazel spends most of her time at home bouncing on her mini trampoline (she naturally exercises during TV time!), doing headstands on the couch, doing yogic stretches on the floor & perfecting her somersault.  So with the free class voucher from my work place, we enrolled her in a month of gymnastics.  She has gone twice and for the most part, enjoys it!  

The above picture was during her first class when the entire group did stretches together.  She is a mixture between shy, awkward girl bounding around the mats on her tip toes, unsure what to do with herself & athletic, chiseled, Child of God.  She carefully watches the other kids to learn what to do and makes tentative efforts to move her body in new ways.

Here's what she's done so far:

Of course, there's also a lot of this:
goofy girl hams it up as often as possible

and this:
 for every event she gets to try, she spends long minutes waiting her turn (though I think watching the older kids on other events is extremely educational!)


from your sweetest Valentines

This might be my best Valentine's ever!

Morning:  Dressed up giddy girls go gaga over their little gifts.  My husband (unknowingly) gives me a bar of my favorite chocolates.

Afternoon:  Enjoy a DELICIOUS catered luncheon with my husband (who is now my coworker and the luncheon was in the staff room :)

Evening:  Dinner date with the first numero uno man in my life... MY DAD!  He's doing so well that his Doctor gave him a 3-day pass to come home.  Lucky lucky us :)

We have something for you to:

Heidi's card says "LOVE Heidi, Your main squeeze", it comes with squeezeable applesauce tacked onto the card.

Hazel's card has a real lollipop inserted in the card (thanks Pinterest)

And here they are, the sweetest Valentines you ever met :)


Sleepy Thoughts

Good Morning friends!  Heidi and I are cuddled in my comfy arm chair, under her ENORMOUS blankie.  I'm thinking about my chat with my sister last night.  We talked about how so many of the blogs that we used to look forward to are currently unattended.  That's the normal ebb and flow of life.  But like people who follow celebrity gossip, you get accustomed to knowing the ins and outs of the blogger and his/her family.  So, when they're gone... you miss them!

I know that my blog is currently in a suspended phase.  With many new irons in the fire, I simply don't have much creative time for planning blog posts, taking photos, uploading & editing photos, etc.  My goal for this weekend is to get my camera out and follow Heidi around for a day.  Her facial expressions are hilarious and I NEED to capture them.  Stay tuned for that post!

In other news, JAKE GOT A NEW JOB!  It's a sudden change.  A risky change.  A SUPER exciting change!  In a few short days, he will COME TO WORK WITH ME instead of his former Counseling Center gig. He's filling in as the School Nurse where I work for the rest of the school year.  After that we're not certain of the future, but this is an awesome opportunity to try a career he's always considered.  Sometimes I dream that next year he and I will both be full-time, permanent employees... and then our take-over-the-world plan will be officially begun :)  However, we have no idea what next year will bring, but for now we are on the road we are meant to be on.

My Shelf Reliance business is doing awesome!  I'm right on track with my initial timeline and I'm pleasantly surprised by that!  It is such a wonderful, healthy, economical product that once people buy for the first time, they become reeeaaallly good repeat customers.  I'm excited for the possibilities of this new business!  

Whelp, my snuggle bunny (Heidi) has finished her milk and is asking to go potty.  She is potty training HERSELF and I just follow along!  Toodle loo my wonderful readers, I hope to be back SOON :)