A Lot to be Thankful For!

Though I will not be content until my sister and her family join us from Alaska and Whitney joins us from England, I am SO THANKFUL this year for ALL of my friends and family.

This year, I've had more people praying for me and my family then I can comprehend.  Just thinking about the love, support & prayers we've received makes my eyes well up.  Aw shucks... I hate being sappy!

So, without further ado... a few photos from today to show what I am most thankful for...

My biological parents and my pseudo parents.  In this picture, I see 2 people in remission from cancer, I see 3 replaced/prosthetic joints, numerous heart stents/etc, I see unconditional love and support.  I see MUCH to be THANKFUL for!

*note to Whitney, though I did dress my girls in their coordinating outfits on purpose, our dorky parents did it unintentionally.  I consider myself VERY lucky that they happened to match the girls color pallet.  See what happens when you're not here?

Dick insisted that I appear in a photo :)  However, just looking at these 4 people whose DNA matches mine so closely makes me full of joy!

*note:  soon my dad will have a stem cell transplant and thereafter have HIS BROTHER's DNA!  So yup, this might be the last picture of me with both sets of my DNA donors :)

And of course, my tireless farm-hand husband who gleefully shapes our land into his dreamscape... all the while showering our little girls with love and adventure.

(note:  in this picture I see my grandfather's tractor, wagon that I used to ride in, flannel shirt & vest.  My husband LOVES hand-me-downs and it's so comforting to me to feel my grandfather's prescence!)


  1. Sooooo sweet. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  2. SO EXCITED that your dad is scheduled to get the transplant! That is awesome! I will keep him in my prayers and hope that he stays healthy til the big day.

    PS I'm diggin my new food. Still figuring it all out, but so far it's pretty delicious.


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