Happy Halloween

It is always fun to get out of my own skin and dress-up.  This year has been EPIC!

First, an adult-only Halloween Party!  Six of us dressed as characters from a hit novel/movie... can you guess what it is?

The cast of HUNGER GAMES, of course!  From Left: Cinna the designer , Citizen of District 1, Effie Trinket at the reaping, Peeta at camoflage painting training, Katniss at her last interview wearing her wedding dress of fire & Haymitch the drunk

From all of us to all of you... may the odds be ever in your favor!

And of course, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning as our wee ones begin to grasp the awesomeness of this sugar celebration!  For weeks we've practiced trick or treating and I'm proud/ashamed to say, that even Heidi can say "Kick o Keek"!

Here they are in all their glory:


  1. Love the adult costumes. I would NOT have thought of doing hunger games, but it's AWESOME.

    And have I mentioned I want to steal your little girls and give them a bajillion kisses because they are SO DARN CUTE? SO CUTE!

  2. Ummm...I believe it was Haymitch the MENTOR...

  3. I have yet to read or watch hunger games but it looks authentic to me!! I love the girls costumes! They are super cute!


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