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Hello friends,

I've been a tad busy and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

1.  My grandfather passed away in utter peace.  His timing was impeccable... right before the school year started, right when travel schedules allowed.  It was an emotional and exhausting 2 weeks as his final journey drew near.  However, he was 91 years old, all of his kids and most of his grandkids enjoyed spending time together, his wife was as prepared as could be hoped for.

1.5.  Two things happened which I will not share many details, but have been very important in my life.  However, in case you have similar circumstances in your life, I want you to know that I have this in my life and we could chat privately:
- A loved one entered rehab this summer and conquered alcoholism.  It amazes me every day how this person keeps a positive outlook and is determined to stay strong.  "Staying sober is much easier than staying drunk."
- A loved one who lives with bipolar disorder hit a major roadblock due to this illness.  It's heart wrenching and there is no magic wand.

2.  My dad came home!  Though it feels like he won his battle, the reality is that he won a break, a period of rest and rejuvenation.  The timing was impeccable...almost as if my Grandfather got to heaven and said "The compound is now done taking care of me and has enjoyed a long season of company. Now it's time to send John home".  Had he been discharged one day earlier, his home and property would have been filled with relatives. Though his strength grows every day, he certainly needed to come home to an empty & quiet house.  It's wonderful to have dad home...making Hazel his perfect dippy eggs and cracking semi-inappropriate jokes.

3.  I landed a dream job!  I've been referring to it as "the answer to a prayer I didn't know I was praying".  Moving home, to the town where I did my school counseling internship, was a great decision for many reasons.  In particular, because my colleagues remembered me and at least one of them threw my name out when it became clear that a 1/2 time elementary counseling position was available.  The Principal needed someone who would commit long-term and someone who loves this community.  I needed an income, health insurance, and to fall in love with my chosen career again.

5 years ago, I didn't see myself in an elementary setting.  I'm a different person now and I LOVE working in this setting.  Though I'm thankful for my past for bringing me to where I am... I'm so glad that I'm not babysitting for friends 9+ hours a day or working with older kids.  I fully appreciate my new job and new schedule... it even provides me regular time to write!

4.  My kids :)  We had lots of mini adventures this summer and perhaps I'll write about them down the road. Right now, Hazel's language is leaps and bounds stronger than it was just a few months ago.  She and I can have big discussions, she can still out logic me in any "debate" and she LOVES to sing (though she mostly makes up new songs).  She can even correctly identify (and use) a trebuchet!

Heidi... oh, Heidi.  She is fearless.  I fear she's destined for great heights.  *mental note:  start scaring her about the dangers of climbing Everest now*.  She climbs on top of things I never realized where climbable.  She's independent and graceful.  She's a complete CLOWN!

In an effort to actually include Heidi in the family pictures scattered throughout the house, we finally had new family pictures taken!  I've only been allowed a sneak peek, but I 'm quite tickled with our farmer- themed shots!


  1. I'm so glad that you have this blog to remember our thoughts and events of the summer of 2012. No one could make this stuff up!

  2. That picture is flippin' adorable! So glad your Dad is home we he belongs! Wishing you all well from Alaska!

  3. Congrats on your dad being home. I'm so happy that you all are back home and have a chance to recharge.

    And I'm so happy the job is working out for you. That's so amazing. God really does put us exactly where we need to be.

    Think about you all often. Happy to have you "back" online.


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