Early Warning Signs of Future Rock Climbers

I'd like to say "don't try this at home", but as you will soon see... this is what is happening at MY home.  I fear/ anticipate/ excitedly await that this is JUST THE BEGINNING (in fact, I don't have pictures of what these 1.5 & 3 year old girls yesterday with a tree stand... and we're heading to the site of some of the best rock climbing on the east coast in a few short weeks.  Oh my... )

STEP 1:  Acclimate your children to heights at a very early age

Crater Lake vacation 025
2 month old Hazel camping at Crater Lake National Park

18 month old Heidi at Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park

STEP 2:  Buy the tiniest body harness you can find for your toddler 
3 year old Hazel's first "ascent" up to the balcony.  She is FEARLESS! 

STEP 3:  Improvise a baby harness 'cause your wee one insists on joining in on the fun!
18 month old Heidi LOVES to climb, dangle & defy.  She LOVED hovering over the ground (just a few feet, of course)

And that my friends is what you get when you choose to breed with Jake Kosker.  Can't say that I didn't have plenty of warning :)


  1. haha, that looks crazy and fun! I'm not actually surprised!

  2. It took me a while to realize that this is taking place INSIDE your house! I read it on my phone first and didn't pay much attention to the details. They look like naturals!!


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