To Alaska with Love

The highlight of our summer was a visit from my Marianne, Christoph & Annaliese (Annie).  Their visit was chock full of laughter, chores, swimming, time with my dad and giggling girls.

Annie got to enjoy the warm weather (she lives in Alaska).

No toddler cousin-time would be complete without bathtub play!
FYI:  that is Heidi's "I'm being silly" face

 After baths, Marianne had fun playing dress-up with Hazel's vast dress collection.  The girls twirled and giggled and twirled some more!

And OF COURSE, a coordinating cousins photo shoot.  (Yup, this IS the best shot...sigh)

The photo shoot consisted of a little of this:
"We bouncin' Mama!"

A LOT of this:
Why is it that my smiley, good-natured girl cries during EVERY photo shoot?  Remember THIS?

And a LOT MORE of this:

Don't believe me?

Hazel needed very little encouragement :)  Notice the mid-shoot bribe... YUM!

Cousins are so special.  I'm thankful for mine and so glad these three girls have each other!

And finally, my all-time favorite photo from their visit:


  1. I think you must torture Heidi during photo shoots;) The girls are adorable! Looks like a grand time:)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pick-me-up pictures today, Julie! Love you!

  3. Oh, i could stare at these pictures all day. Love you so much! Thanks for the pics!

    1. I KNOW! THey make me happy :) Even the ones with Heidi crying!

    2. WOW...Love all the pictures...
      5000 hugs and kisses to all...
      Sweetie, you are amazing...


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