Campfire Cooking Series

Hi friends!  Though I've generally been MIA this summer, I do sometimes appear at www.woojr.com.  That's my "bread and butter" blogging site.  The site is in the midst of being overhauled, so most of my writing is patiently chilling in the queue, but I wanted to share this tasty gem :)


  1. LOVE pizza camp pies :) My friends and I always make these when we go camping! Can you please explain to me though why NO store in the south sells camp pie makers (I had to order them online to replace our old ones)?? Or why NO ONE here has heard of a camp pie maker/ pie iron/ or whatever they are called?! Ugh....southerners!!

  2. Camp fire pies are one of my absolute favorites. I'm sure if made in a kitchen they would not be appetizing, but in the middle of the woods they are great.


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