auf wiedersen

Today we celebrate the life of Walter Otto Krumich, my grandfather.  I am a lucky lucky woman.  You see, my grandfather lived next door to me.  I saw him every morning as we waited for the bus.  He attended every concert, graduation, etc.

My sister shared many memories here.

When I think about my Grandpa, I tend to think of him 10-30 years ago.  He was as strong as an ox.  I used to hope he would just break my arm once so that he would KNOW that he was playing too rough with me.

He was my biggest fan and musical critic.  I sat through many many concerts with him, peeking at his program to see just WHAT he could be taking notes on.

I love my Grandpa and miss him terribly, but I know he's enjoying the heavenly angels sing... and someone needs to record their key signature, tempo, and remind them to keep practicing!

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