The Perfect Beach

Anyone local will probably reply with "well...DUH!", but Farmer Jake and I think we've stumbled upon a brilliant discovery:

Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie in Erie, PA.

this is probably my all-time favorite picture of Heidi!

I'm one of "those" moms who is paranoid about sun exposure...and makes her toddler wear her flotation device anytime she's within 5 feet of the water!  It doesn't matter... according to Hazel, LIFE IS GOOD when you're at the beach!

Hot sandy beaches, warm water, gentle waves, and best of all... FRESH WATER (ie:  not salt water!).  Why anyone would drive to the east coast is now totally beyond me.  Years ago, Lake Erie was not a nice place.  It was polluted and stinky and gross.  Now, it is GLORIOUS!

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  1. That is a great photo of Heidi!! She looks like she loves the beach!! Hazel looks like she's about to float away;)


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