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Taking a break from the land of DEEP THOUGHTS (commence jokes), I live on a very strict budget.  I live gloriously within that budget, but  strict it is.  My wardrobe:  3 years old OR hand-me-downs from my fashionable Aunt.  My kids:  spoiled rotten by grandparents.  My house:  worth every imaginary penny, yet not quite practical (living on the same property as my parents and grandparents!).

So, I look for deals and though I don't coupon, I try to save money whenever possible.  Enter EBATES.

For anyone who already shops online, it is WAY worth a few minutes of your time to sign-up.  Shop at your favorite stores and earn a percentage back.  SO easy!  I just got my first check and was relieved that it's a seamless process:  Start on Ebates, choose the store, shop, check arrives in the mail.  No hoops or tricks to jump through!

Oh, and about that strict budget... sometimes I'm a bit impulsive and sometimes I buy things 'cause I really really want them.  So, I kinda sorta really need to earn a referral bonus and CYA (cover your "bum").  I need 9 more referrals (people who join through my link and spend at least $25).

So, IF you shop online anyway, how about it?

Spank you very much :)


  1. If you make more money based on how much your referrals spend... i might be filling your piggy back up! This hot weather has me online shopping a little more than usual! I've been searching for the best deal then checking to see who gives the best percentage back... its a deal seekers dream, really!

    1. I WISH I earned a percentage on your shopping ;) Nope, I just get the referral bonus after you spend $25 and if I refer 10 people, I get an extra bonus! SWEET!

    2. That is pretty sweet! I don't really understand how this all works... they must be making a decent amount of money off of us but I can't see how. It's not like we pay a premium to buy through their website!

  2. WOW...Thanks, Sweetie...
    I just clicked on Ebates at the side of your blog...
    Hopefully this will count as 1 referral for you...
    Will be spending more than $25 this week...
    Birthdays, Anniversaries, Happy Fridays, Just because we love you...
    Do we really have to have a reason to save money shopping????
    You are remarkable...

    1. HA! Thanks! Yup, that logo is linked to my referral site! Happy SAVING :)


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