Pineapple Classic:: Leukemia Fundraiser

Hi friends!  As you know, my father is fighting Leukemia.  It's been a long, hard battle.  He is tired of being sick & tired of living in a hospital room.  Every time I'm there, I'm so THANKFUL for the amazing medical staff at the Cleveland Clinic and the medications that make a cure possible.

Anxious to do SOMETHING to help my dad, I am super excited about running in the Pineapple Classic 5k!  It's a silly Hawaiian themed race with obstacles... all to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Please help me to POUR MONEY INTO THE RESEARCH!  In many ways, I feel like every dollar I earn, is THE dollar that will CURE MY DAD.

I'll be racing with 3 dear friends under the name:  TEAM JUNKO.  Perhaps he'll be well enough to cheer us across the finish line?

Please and thank you :)

Junko's daughter.

( I can also accept cash donations if you prefer.  Please send me an email at lazygreenmama@gmail.com to get my address.)


  1. I hope you raise LOTS of money!

    1. Thanks Christie! After day 1, I'd say Alaskans are showing up the rest of the world with their generosity!

  2. Yay for Alaska. We wish we could be in such a thing. . . especially if it was in Hawaii!


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