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Love my title?  I'll bet my husband is seeing red.  He hates that particular strain of logic.  "Honey, I saved SO much money today at the mall!".  Wait, who shops at malls anymore?  Clearly it's been a LONG time since I've gone on a physical shopping spree :)

That's just it.  I rarely shop at brick & mortar shops.  There are drawbacks to this and I hold myself (and Amazon) partially responsible for the lack of bookstores within a 30-mile radius of my home.  However, I am an online shopper and I'm thankful it exists!

For a country girl, the world of possiblities opens up when shopping online.  Outdoor gear, organic clothes and books... I could spend all day  browsing those three categories!

Perhaps I'm dreadfully late to the party, but I finally joined Ebates.  Every money-saving-website has been talking about Ebates for a long time, but I resisted creating yet ANOTHER site to visit and remember log-in information for.  However, since I do almost all of my shopping online, I finally bit the bullet.

Yesterday I realized that I need a rash guard swim top for Heidi (skin, our body's largest organ is particularly fragile duirng the first 2 years.  I think these shirts should be mandatory.... have you ever tried to repeatedly cover a squirmy baby in sunblock?  Precisely.).  I was thrilled with the selection of online stores who belong to Ebates.  I shopped at OshKosh and scored some sweet sales while earning 2.5% back.  Some stores offer up to (quickly scanning...) 7.5% back, maybe more.  Combine that with any online coupons and BAM... you've saved some major dough :)

So, check it out and if you decide to join, please do so through my link (the graphic below) :)

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