100% smile guarantee

In my list of greatest faults, uploading videos falls in the #2 spot (directly behind sending snail mail).  This morning, before I make breakfast, before I pack for a camping trip, before I distract myself, I'm following my sister's lead and sharing some gems I've been holding on to.

Mostly for my mom and dad, but if they make you smile too... well that's the cherry on top for me :)

*3 hours full of "deleted/ overwritten/ lost files/ panic" later, I have successfully restored the videos and saved them in 2 seperate places.  For the record, I am VERY satisifed with FlipVideos Live Chat!  I'm also dreadfully behind schedule for the day :(

"When you're smiling, when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you.  When you're laughing, when you're laughing, the sun comes shining through..."

And, if giggling babies and goofy grandpas don't warm your cold, cold heart... here's a little medley of Hazel's hits :)

The first lullaby was taken on the night when she surprised me by singing along with my/her favorite lullaby.  She's heard it almost daily, but never joined in before.  I shot the video on the 3rd time through the song... she was kinda "over it" by then, but my heart was bursting with love and I wanted to capture it on video.  She starts with retelling the story she just heard, about her sheep "BaBa" and a little girl.  She now sings it all by herself and gets many more words!

For the record, if you've lived a sordid past, no worries, "Jesus loves me this I know.  For the Bible KNOW ME, HO!"

*my apologies for not editing the video to cut out the fluff and add cute captions.  This quick project needs to end so that I can smile again ;)

Mom, hope this cheered and energized you.  Dad, we love you and miss you!  Now, get back to work making healthy white blood cells and killing those diseased cells :)  (clearly, I still have a rudimentary understanding of leukemia.)


  1. Annie and I loved the videos. Hazel knows a lot of songs!

  2. Ugh, so much CUTE!! I can hardly stand it. I LOVE that Hazel sings the Kumbaya song... just like the big kids!

  3. I finally got the videos to play on my computer (that's what I get for not paying for internet!). Adorable! Hazel, you've got some great dance moves!!


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