WINNERS and an apology

Congratulations to the Katie Evans ebook winner:  Beth Orris!  In the spirit of keeping things honest, I admit that that's my mom, but I didn't rig the contest in her favor... PROMISE!  Here's a snapshot of the screen:

had to crop it here to exclude her email address :)

I'm thrilled that my mom won because she's been on the fence about getting a DSLR and this cinches it for her. She plans to spend her retirement snapping photos... perhaps she'll even takes a few pics of me (the hazard of being the family photo journalist is that there are very very few pics of me with the girls).  Also, she's right next door so we can learn from each other!  And really, it's all about ME :)


And the Rugrat Design Monet Roll winner is:  Christie Ewing Holmes!  I forgot to take a screen snapshot :(  Sorry, it was entry #9.  Congratulations Christie!  You're kids are going to love it and you're going to love whipping out something so stylish at restaurants!


As for the apology, this past weekend we had a wonderful OPEN HOUSE for our greenhouse/farm.  Prepping & cleaning up for that has left me beat.  Throw in normal life things and keeping up with my paid writing gigs, I'm dreadfully behind schedule with the posts I want to write for myself.  Day by day... oh dear Lord...

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