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So, who read that title and thinks I'm giving away a Rugrat?  I sure do have a few to spare ;)  Also, who wishes I'd stop starting every sentence with "So,"?  I can't control it!  Is it a PA thing?  Yes, let's blame my home state.

ANYWHO... you probably drooled over the adorable-ness of my 1-year old on Mother's Day.  Didn't see that post?  It's here.  Though she would elicit drool even if she was wearing a garbage bag (unbiased opinion), her dress was fit for a queen!

Recently I reconnected with a friend from college and was super excited to discover her Etsy business, Rugrat Design.  Her kids clothing line is exactly my style.  THIS coat makes me weak in the knees!

Some things never change and she's just as sweet as I remembered.  She sent me a gift box stuffed with items for my girls... and even a skirt for me!  Perhaps I'll post a photo of myself in the future... perhaps!

Her designs are low maintenance, the styles grow with the kid for YEARS of wear and are REVERSIBLE!  2 outfits for the price of 1!  Perfect for certain toddlers who like to smear peanut butter on their clothes at breakfast.  Perfect for the mama who likes to dress her kids in cute clothes on vacation, but has a really small car.  Perfect for having something fresh for each season.  Catch my drift?  Reversible kids clothes is where it's at folks!
Hazel in her reversible jumper.  Ties at the shoulder for quick adjustments.  (my model was refusing to stand up.) I had both girls in the more fall/winter prints since it was chilly out.  I can't wait to bust out the aqua paisley print on the reverse!

Heidi in her reversible pinafore dress.  Can you imagine how cute this will be as a tunic top next year?  

Each girl got a dress, a snack bag AND a mobile monet roll.  SWEET!  My absolute favorite is Heidi's pinafore style dress.  AACK... she is selling these dresses for $15 right now. Hurry, head over there and buy before she comes to her senses and triples the price (seriously, everywhere else that dress would be at LEAST $45!).  I've already washed Heidi's dress twice and it looks as good as new.  Granted, a quick touch with the iron is needed, but only after the dryer... not in between wears (since you start with TWO clean sides ;)

The snack bag makes us so much more chic and eco-friendly at church (anyone else low enough to resort to a constant stream of snacks in order to keep the kids quiet?).

Hazel asks for snacks 100,000 times a day.  At least she's now a stylin' muncher!

the velcro kind of closes itself which makes it harder for Heidi to immediately dump her Cheerios!

The crayon rolls are awesome for leaving in the purse for any impromtu coloring.  I've found that Hazel, my almost 3yo, enjoys taking the crayons in and out of the pockets as much as she enjoys coloring.  Another 2fer ;)
and I quote:  "Mama, I HINK (think) we should mail this to Annie"  Hazel asks to mail things to her cousin Annie ALL THE TIME!  Last night she wanted to mail her daddy's dufflebag after she saw that I have a suitcase.  Clearly, mama and daddy don't each need luggage.


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  1. Love the little man ties :)

  2. I love her style and versatility.... very neat.

  3. Hugs to you for such a beautiful review!! Thank you!!!

  4. I think Reggie needs a present from grandma!

  5. I'm pretty smitten with the reversible pinafore dress, but that Isabelle bag is pretty sweet, too. I can't believe her prices! It's almost scandalous!

  6. Because its late and I'm feeling rather selfish, I would like the skirt...for me. :)

  7. I love the patterns she uses and the cleaver purses/pouches!

  8. not sure if I get credit for an extra entry or not...(techno goofball that I am)...but I love the reversible pinafore dresses. and I especially love the models who wear them in this post.

  9. I feel like such a poop! I never saw this. I don't want you to think I don't read your blog everytime it pops up with new posts. I do. I am not sure how I missed it. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your time with Marianne, Cristoph and Annie. Praying for all of you and wishing you good things!


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