Lovin' this: Date A Girl Who Travels

I found this through Jane Anger's (aka Amanda aka 1/2 of Tymanda) link on facebook.  Thanks Jane!

My comment says it best:  "Not only do I LOVE this post, it made me LOVE MYSELF a little more this afternoon as I watch kids play at my feet and remember that this rooted phase of life IS just a phase... because I AM A GIRL WHO TRAVELS :)

Read the post here:  http://www.solitarywanderer.com/2012/02/date-a-girl-who-travels/


  1. Love, love, love this post! I guess it explains my lack of style! ;)

  2. And that's why we love Shannon. It is a great article and explains the difference between people who value travel and are willing to forego other purchases. I think it must be a trait that is inborn. Some people just don't seem to care about traveling. Amazing to me!

    1. You're sweet;) i don't understand why people don't like to travel either... i can't think of a better way to grow and learn about yourself!

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