Ideal Mama Day Gift :: the gift of time

As a young mother, I fantasize about TIME.  Uninterrupted naps.  A few quiet minutes to be still.  Time alone.

As a "seasoned" mother, I'm pretty sure my mom's perfect Mother's Day gift is time TOGETHER.

Different points on our motherhood journeys.

Our road trip to Chicago succeeded in giving us BOTH what we need.  I have been SPOILED ROTTEN!  Meals in delicious, unique restaurants.  Shopping w/o the baby (they actually hired a babysitter for afternoon shopping!).  Movie w/o the baby.  Long car rides when all I could do was... BE.

My mother got time with just Heidi.  Something neither of them often gets.  All weekend, 9 times out of 10, Heidi stretches out of my arms in order to be with her Llama; fulfilling her Mother's Day gift to each of us.

Hazel and her father are having a BLAST!  Not the teary "I WANT MAMA" evenings that I feared when leaving on this 4-night trip.  She is flourishing with the non-stop attention from her dad... and judging from the joy I hear in his voice, the feeling is mutual.

Each of us is connecting, growing, breathing, enjoying special times...

To all the amazing women out there...whether you are raising/ raised/ dream of/ let younger friends into your heart...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

*one outtake from this morning's photo shoot:
classic Heidi facial expression

**Like her dress?  Stay tuned for more goodies and a giveaway from Rugrat Designs later in the week!


  1. Her dress is adorable! Glad to hear you had a great mothers day! Well deserved!!

  2. This was a weekend that I'll always remember. Great daughter, precious (!) granddaughter, close friends, talk, eat, shop, time together at crucial moments in all of our lives. I needed this weekend like a piece of serenity in the midst of a storm. Thank you.

  3. Love how the dress fits her!! And great post too. Motherhood wants surely changes as we age. An uninterrupted nap is always a bonus though ;)


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