I want to THANK YOU

One of my more peculiar, self-sabotaging, persistent, annoying, shameful traits is my inability to write THANK YOU notes.  It would be an entirely different matter if I wasn't keenly aware of this fault.  If I was a person who simply didn't send thank you cards and didn't think twice about it, I would probably live 10 years longer.

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After every holiday, I purchase or make thank you cards.  I make detailed lists with little boxes next to each generous gifter, which I will CHECK with satisfaction when the card is completed.  I update my address list.  I buy stamps.  I place all these items in the same spot.  AND THEN THEY SIT THERE SNEERING AT ME.  You didn't know that thank you cards were sinister, did you?

MINE ARE!  They beacon me with their bony cardstock fingers.  They mock me each time I pass by.  They haunt me in the previously blissful state between awake & sleep.

And yet... there they remain.

Heidi's thank you cards (from her birthday on March 30th) have been cluttering up my buffet for WAY OVER A MONTH.  I know that it would take less than an hour to get this monkey off my back....

...but I'd rather write this blog post.  Perhaps it's time to shove them in the box with her birth thank you cards?  'Cause that's how I win.  I show those creepy creepersteins who's boss and pack them away.

If only my dear mother hadn't taught me the importance of thank you cards.  If only I could crash through this mind trap and tame those beaconing cards...


  1. Me too, I loved making personalized thank you notes.

  2. I am a card whore. Paper goods lover. Seriously. Next to fabric - it's my favorite thing to buy. I could live in a stationary store. I'm inspired by pretty papers and love making cards. Made our wedding invitations Ans cards to all kids parties to date. I'm prepping to make the oldests ice cream sundae birthday party invites and I'm giddy waiting!! BUT I totally understand that feeling hanging over you to wrote the cards. I was way better pre kids. All wedding thank yous were sent the day gift arrieved and those received at the wedding had their card in mail by Thr time we left for our honeymoon (72 hours after ceremony). Type a? Guilty. Now...with kids.... It's in the to do list longer than I like but like your mom- I was trained by mine.

  3. I know I am late to the party on this post- but I had to comment. I am the same way- I have gotten so bad at thank yous and feel so bad- but that doesn't seem to help me get them done! I completely understand how that pile of cards can make you feel so guilty!


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