Here's the carrot

Hi friends,

I hate being annoying, but it comes SO naturally to me!  That SocialSpark contest I told you about, well, I went from the top 50, to the top 10!  Pretty sweet!  And that's just from my nearest and dearest bloggy friends jumping on board.

I wanna end with a bang... and win those Mac computers!

Help me win and I will have a sweet giveaway just for those who got me there :)

This all has to be completed by 11:59pm tomorrow (Friday).

Thanks! Here's my link:  http://izea.in/r1IO9


  1. Good luck, Julie!
    Love you!

  2. Ok I tried again... we just have to sign up to use SocialSpark right? Like as a member? Am I missing a step?

    1. That sounds right! Did you start the process to connect your blog? If so, hopefully it'll show up tonight :) THanks again! You're a dear!


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