Four peas in a pod :: Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day falls at such a perfect time.  Graduations, summer vacations, blooming flowers, spring planting, first picnics... so many things to cheer and energize.  

As for me, I'm in my groove.  FINALLY writing every day.  Regularly putting healthy meals on the dinner table.  Lovin' up my sweet girls.  Happily married and planning an exciting future with my husband.  Whittling down and prioritizing all my "shoulds" (marriage, kids, healthy foods, write. PERIOD.).

I have much to be thankful for.

Last year, Jake surprised me with this necklace that I had fallen in love with on our "babymoon".   This year, while emailing with Irina from My Little Kawaii, I mentioned how much I love her peapods and asked if she ever made them with 4 peas... to represent my Kosker quartet, "four peas in a pod".  She then surprised me and made this felted pea pod which hangs proudly in my kitchen.

HOWEVER, this Mother's Day, I've ripped my quartet in half!  SCANDALOUS!

Heidi and I are livin' it up in Geneva, Illinois (suburb of Chicago).  We're spending a blissful long weekend with my mother and our dear life-long friends, April & Whitney.  We did this a few years ago (here) and soon Whitney is moving to London... oh darn, guess we'll be heading to London for our next weekend away!  I'll share more about our wild weekend soon :)

Jake and Hazel also have a jam-packed weekend planned and she is sooo excited!  Wonder how many s'mores she's going to eat on their camping trip?  

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  1. Cute. I hope that you have peas in your garden. That was Annie's favorite plant last year in ours becuse it was so tasty!


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