fountain of youth

Recently, Hazel discovered a new weapon.  TRUTH.

The other day as I prepared to take the girls with me to Home Depot, Hazel said, "Someday I go to Home Depot BY MYSELF."

Surprised, I replied, "No honey, mommy or daddy take you to Home Depot."

"But someday I GROW UP!"

My jaw dropped and my heart stopped as I slowly turned toward her, the truth cutting through me like an ice pick.

"What did you say?"  I asked in astonishment.

"Someday, I grow up, Mama."  (the "duh" was implied in her tone)

Now, I don't know who told her about this concept, but I was certainly unprepared for this little girl to be so wise... and right :)

Since she LOVES to get a reaction out of me, this is now her favorite thing to tell me:  "Someday, I cross the street BY MYSELF.  Someday, I cook hot dogs BY MYSELF. and so on and so forth...covering all important aspects of life."

Fortunately, I thought of the perfect antidote to the sadness I feel.

Today, I told Hazel, "You will grow up, but you will ALWAYS BE MY BABY!"
"NO I WON'T!", was her reply.
"And I will always be your mama!", was my reply.

This concept has her a little confused, but I've got the upper hand....whether or not I ever let her cross the street by herself or not (leaning towards the latter).

Mama + Baby = TLA


  1. Wow! I guess its safe to say you won't have an issues with her independence! I don't ever remember having thoughts like that... one smart little girl!

  2. LOL. That's all parenthood is, outsmarting your child one day at a time for as long as you can... until they really are smarter than you.

    But I agree. Caleb will never get to cross the street by himself. Ever. For sure.


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