BYO marshmallows

This post brought to you by Flood Wood Care. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a dream... for bunches of my friends to show up on Friday or Saturday nights and make themselves at home around our campfire.  They will come uninvited simply because they love the space and know that it is available to them.

We have a circular driveway which surrounds this space:
Blech!  NO ONE wants to hang-out here!  boo hoo!  or to put a positive spin on it... a BLANK canvas.

Last year we had it filled and (mostly) leveled.  We planted some grass and trimmed some overgrown trees.  However, it needs some MAJOR work!  I would like to:
  • add a fire pit (the type you can toast your piggies on)
  • add seating around fire pit (wooden benches with backs?  increase the comfort factor with a few throw pillows and won't have to bring all the chair in every night!)
  • add twinkle lights
  • have low-maintenance, perennial gardens encircling 2/3rds of it
  • refinish the picnic table
  • repaint and recover the circular table & matching chairs
  • balance the fire by adding a water element
  • grow grass (a novel idea)
My vision:  
 plus this: 

I have a LONG way to go!  I'd LOVE any tips from my Koskereaders on what kinda of plants would work well in this area!

Let's start with that patched-up picnic table.  Last year we moved it aside when we were having the space filled & leveled.  However, the dump truck took out one side of it.  Farmer Jake repaired it and it's better than ever, but an unpleasant mix of new wood and aged wood.  It needs a nice stain.

Entrez-vous, Flood® Wood Care, "The Wood Care Specialist".  I think they can help me take one giant leap forward with beautifying my space.  I'm all about any product that makes it simple and easy to take care of outdoor wood furniture.  I have no time for peeling paint, cracked varnish or blotchy stain :)  Now my biggest problem is deciding what color stain to go with...   oh, and figure out how to make those circular benches (ahem, Dad, need a project? *batting my eye lashes*).

Flood® Products are the best option for those of us that want high-end looking wood furniture for a DIY budget!  Maybe I'll like my picnic table and benches so much that I'll be brave enough to tackle one of the THREE porches on our house that are in dire need of a deep clean & refinish.  maybe... ;)
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  1. I think you should start by doing that field stone patio thing that they have in the 2nd picture. PLUS you could make a stacked stone fire pit out of stone like that (just think it could look cool :)

    Way back in high school, my mom and I built a little 1 ft retaining wall out of that type of sandstone/fieldstone. We went to a quarry out in Seneca and just filled up a truck. Can't recall if she paid anything for it or if she "knew people"... or maybe we just stole it. Who knows ;)

    1. the idea of you and your mom SNEAKING into a quarry and STEALING stones is cracking me up! That's a great idea about making a fieldstone patio and incorporating a firepit!

    2. Dude... you KNOW my mom. She just "acts blond" and smiles. "Oh! This stone isn't free?!? Ooops!"

      Just kidding, my mom wouldn't steal, but she does play blond alot. Unfortunately for me, "playing blond" does NOT work as well when you're brunette.


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